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Online application guide

Without Service Fee Guide you how to apply for studying in Beijing New Talent Academy & Study in bjnewtalent

Admission Information

Study in Beijing New Talent Academy

We welcome international students aged from 8 to 18, healthy, moral rectitude, complying with Chinese laws and school rules, and respecting habits and customs of the Chinese people.

1. Time:

April 15 – August 25 for Fall Semester entrance application;

November 15 – next February 20 for Spring Semester entrance application.

Written test and interview are arranged according to the order of applications.

Better score and performance are preferred of course.

2. Application Process:



1. Fill in and submit the application form

nInternational Application Form of Beijing New Talent Academy

2. Take the written examination and interview

3. Pay the school fees and be registered

n6 pieces of 1-inch photo with white background.

nShow the student’s original passport and provide 3 carbon

copies of the passport, visa and entry chop.

nShow the parents’ original Chinese ID card (or foreign passport)

and provide 1 carbon copy of the passport.

nShow the guardians’ original Chinese ID card (or foreign

passport) and provide 1 carbon copy of the passport.

nOriginal Transfer Certificate and Transcript (covering the latest

3 years) from the previous school

4. If request our school assist in X Visa (Study-Status Residence Permit) application

n Documents for X visa (Study-Status Residence Permit)
(Please consult the International Office for details)

Download Other Files:

nAuthorization to the Guardian

nGuardian’s Letter of Guarantee